Wine spa

Wine spa

Wine spa

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Massage is an efficient method to achieve complete relaxation of muscle tension, peace of mind and regeneration of the skin. Fine aromatic oils and essences from the Les Flaires de Bach cosmetic company and from the Salus company will preserve their strong effect for long hours helping according to their specific use just where it is needed.

St. Agnes Aromatherapy Massage

Full body aromatherapy massage is an excellent relaxing massage using the variety of oils of your choice (jasmine, lemon grass, rose, ginger, cinnamon and oriental spices). Powerful combination of warming touch, gentle stroke, deeper massage (in case muscle stiffness), and invigorating effect, together with essential aromatherapy oils, offer unsurpassable delight. Aromatherapy massage has many benefits – physical, emotional, as well as spiritual and energy. Various massage techniques can help to remove toxins and reduce muscle fatigue and tension. On an emotional level, the massage calms the mind and emotions and brings about the feeling of deep relaxation.

  • CZK 1.590 / 60 min
  • CZK 1.990 / 90 min


Facial Massage – extremely relaxing treatment

This miraculous relaxing therapeutic massage has visible effects already after the first application. It affects the skin, lymph and facial muscles. Using the luxurious facial oil containing rose, neroli and cedar wood essence, with an aroma-therapeutic component as an integral part of this delicate and incredibly pleasant therapy, it will not only leave you relaxed and well rested but you will look younger and your face will shine.

  • CZK 890 / 30 min
  • CZK 1.590 / 60 min

Reflexology Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage is a popular in-depth massage technique. And although the term lymphdrainage sounds a bit clinical, you don’t need to worry, it really is a pleasant and relaxing massage. Lymphatic stimulation isn’t anything new –it was used already in Ancient Greece. We all know the feeling of heavy legs. The massage of lower limbs removes the sensation of heavy legs and it helps you with swollen ankles, calves and thighs.

  • CZK 1.590 / 60 min
  • CZK 1.990 / 90 min

Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Ayurvedic massage carried out by an experienced masseur is an energy massage. The masseur returns your energy back to you. It is a technique that can touch you very deeply. Everybody can experience it differently but one thing holds true for everyone: it will touch you as deeply as you allow yourself to accept it. The massage is administered on an unrestricted body and it consists of three parts: - calming and soothing – relaxing – charging, energy replenishing. Just like in any matter, in ayurvedic massage things shouldn’t be rushed. That’s why we recommend to go through all basic forms of ayurvedic massage – basic, of one half of the body and only then, when you are ready to accept it, to take a full body massage. 

  • CZK 1.990 / 60 min
  • CZK 2.290 / 90 min
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